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Dave MacLeod

Dave MacLeod

Dave MacLeod, M.Sc. R.Psych. is a clinical psychologist with Western Psychology Services in Calgary. He has been with Western Psychology Services since its original formulation in 1993, and now acts as overseer of the practice.

Dave has a specialization in the area of risk, including child protection risk, mental health risk, suicide and self-harm risk, violence/sexual abuse risk, and lifestyle risk. Much of his work involves assessment of families, sometimes working alongside Alberta Child & Family Services and the family courts to complete assessments of parents in order to help families to ensure that their children are safe and well looked-after. He is a trained mediator who is able to mediate family disputes, and he is able to complete custody evaluations for divorcing or separating parents.

He began work in suicide prevention in the late 1970s as a volunteer with the Distress Centre/Drug Centre and has, since then, worked in a variety of adolescent treatment centres in Calgary, Regina, and Paris (France) as well as the corrections system and the hospital system. For a ten-year period with William Roper Hull Child & Family Services he worked as a therapist with young people and their families, and he has continued to work in private practice since 1993. He has been presenting workshops about suicide and self-harm through the Centre for Suicide Prevention for since the early 1990s, and he is often asked to speak about child protection and safe/responsible parenting at conferences and workshops throughout North America.

Dave has extensive experience with children and families, drawn from graduate school training in developmental psychology and more than 35 years of work in child/adolescent psychology and parenting.

Aside from parent assessments, his areas of specialty include working with adolescents, and counseling adults around lifestyle problems, depression, relationship issues, self-esteem/assertiveness/social skills, conflict resolution and stress management.

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